Thursday, May 21, 2009

Episode 10: Immortality

As you know, eventually there can and will be only one. Immortality isn't for everyone. However, we all secretly understand that all of existence requires our conscious minds observing it to make it real. As soon as we die, the universe collapses (as far as we know) - thus we are all functionally immortal.

Well, whatever, immortality is a pretty heavy rap to lay on a cat anyway. Let's mix it up some:


  1. Bloodstains: If it's a little stain (for example, say you poked yourself with a pin vs. a gushing wound that has completely drenched your clothing) your own spit works better than anything! I learned this from a costumer during a fitting once. Something to do with the ph of your saliva and the ph of your blood. Anyway, it works great!

  2. you heard it folks; suck on that!