Monday, May 11, 2009

Episode 7: Gatorade

As a former Division I NCAA 4-year starting varsity athlete, I can tell you that gatorade tastes terrible.

I've been involved in development programs for several types of new sports drinks in the last few years. One idea involved carbonated goat blood. We were going to call it "GoatQuench" and market it to hippies.

Then there was "Sports Drink," my proposed line of alcoholic sports beverages. These were for people who want to dull the pain while simultaneously sharpening their reflexes. I was going to pursue an aggressive packaging strategy- "Whiskey Chug", "Vodka Blast", "Rum Runner", "Gin Rush", etc. Each flavor had an animated mascot, which raced other mascots to photo finishes while shnockered out of their gourd.

1 comment:

  1. i find "sports drink" infinitely funnier than goat quench, simply because i remember you actually drinking that shit. with a dozen donuts. at IFAs.